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Bye to 2013, Entering 2014

Hi all,

Another hectic year has ended.... and as we prepare to welcome 2014, I would like to share some thoughts and feelings. 
Firstly, it has not really been a very good year from macroeconomic point of view. Despite this, we pushed ahead with heavy investment and manpower growth to prepare ourselves. There is a medium growth stage trap which I think A.Moh is currently trenching in. We are too small to think we are big, we are too big to fool ourselves we are small. The only way forward is to grow stronger despite the risks involved, to evolve and adapt our business model. To make this happen, all of us need to work closer together, to lead, to challenge the old practices, to innovate and find new ways. 

We have seen many giant falls in 2013. Nokia disappeared, Blackberry soon to go. We see Facebook from nothing to rising star within a few years’ time. Globalisation, technology improvements & Internet will continue to change the way we work and play. Opportunities and threats will always be around us. A.Moh will need to evolve further and faster to survive. To a certain extent, we are probably at the most vulnerable stage of growth. This happens to all companies before they grew into bigger companies. It is this critical stage which tested the companies' staff at all levels. I am confident we have the right team to go on. 
On behalf of the management, Happy New Year.
For 2014, wishing all of you and your loved ones, a year of happiness, good health and prosperity. 

Thanks for the support.  
Email frm : Mr Roy (General Manager)
* * *

This email gives me and colleague a lot of inspiration ... We are too small to think we are big, we are too big to fool ourselves we are small. Left or right sometime only depend on mind ... 


  1. Apple, Samsung and Google are all growing rapidly. Happy New Year 2014!

  2. 新的一年,愿你抱着平安,拥着健康,揣着幸福,携着快乐,搂着温馨,带着甜蜜,牵着财运,拽着吉祥,迈入新年,快乐度过每一天! 嘻嘻嘻。。。

  3. happy new yr !!

  4. happy new yr 2014 (:

  5. Happy 2014,新年快乐!!!!!~ ^^

  6. @Smartan Dad
    haiz ... we can just keep nokio in our memory list

  7. @柠檬叶
    我也同样祝福你,时间太快了, 我还逗留在2013


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