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万隆 Bandung 3D2N - Haze Situation

一早起来, 梳洗一番就上得士出发...
和几个住附近的同事, 一辆得士解决交通问题.
一大早, 烟雾弥漫程度让人憋息!
7.40 am

7.50 am

8 am

很多朋友都关心道: ''现在烟雾非常时期,怎么还飞往罪魁祸首的印尼去? ''
老板娘洋洋得意的说: " 我们选对时期出国! 避开烟雾几天! ''

* * *
我爸常说的: 要上厕所才挖洞 = =
明天旅游今天才收拾行李 !

收拾包袱后, 立起3脚架拍下这朦胧的夜...
PSI 200 左右

* * *
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 - Kinetic Rain 

Kinetic Rain is a moving sculpture that was installed in early July 2012 in the Departure-Check-in hall of Terminal 1 of Singapore's Changi Airport as part of that terminal's refurbishment.[1] Spanning an area of 75 square metres (810 sq ft) and a height of 7.3 metres (24 ft),[2] it has been billed as the world's largest kinetic sculpture.[1]
The installation consists of two separate segments, installed several meters apart. Each segment consists of 608 copper-plated aluminum raindrops, each of which weighs 180 grams (6.3 oz) and is suspended by a thin wire. Computer-controlled motors attached to the wires can move each raindrop up and down independently, and thereby make the elements form elaborate moving shapes. The installation is programmed to make the elements morph into 16 different shapes during a 15-minute loop, including flight-related shapes such as airplanes, kites or hot air balloons.[1]

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 departure hall

Two years on from winning first prize for their recycling bins design at the National Ten Touchpoints competition, Chemistry is now proud to introduce the concept at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

* * *

我去避难啦, 旦愿回来一切恢复正常...

离开BANDUNG当天,  check in 时必须付
Indonesia Departure tax 100 ,000 .00 / person 
*最好事前准备好100, 000.00 印尼盾

喜欢这份早餐sandwich 的设计...
把不是很美味的sandwich 救点分数 :)

万隆Bandung火山之旅 day 1 

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