購買書本「心靈對話的旅程」$26 / RM65


USS Halloween Horror Nights® 3 - ticket
  • Valid on 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 31 Oct and 1, 3 Nov 2013

Early bird ticket costs $60. $55 for Maybank credit card. Usual Price is $68.
**we bought it with price $55 
Sat, 19th Oct 2013, to go to Halloween Horror Nights 3 at Universal Studios.
It’s from 7pm to 1am.

An evil spirit with a deceptively sweet voice haunting in the Chinese Opera Academy, a practitioner of ancient black magic lurking in the forest, and a child-like vampire with an insatiable thirst for blood prowling in the graveyard… But if you’re brave enough to seek them out, you might just be rewarded with a tip or two that could save all our souls this Halloween…

Sister 1: Maiden of the Opera

It is believed that the Maiden of the Opera is a ravishing beauty with a deceptively sweet voice, making your hair stand on end.
Follow the hypnotizing singing to the Opera in Distress.

Sister 2: Crone of the Forest

The Crone of the Forest is full of malice and relishes all chances to victimise anyone with her mastery of the dark arts.
Approach the Crone in The Cursed Forest.

Sister 3: Daughter of the Undead

Youngest of the trio, the Daughter of the Undead is the face of innocence. But don’t be fooled or you’ll be paying for it with blood.

Solve the Graveyard Mystery to meet the last Sister of Evil.

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