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travel to SARAWAK KUCHING : 砂勞越古晉必吃與必去的地方

Kuching :)

I’m sarawakian, staying and working at Singapore but never forget my home town Kuching and always back lovely home town.
Colleagues travelling to Kuching on 27th April - 1th May 2013, and i be her paper guide. Notice Kuching have a lot wonderful and beautiful place which I almost forget and neglected.

Below information sharing with who planning travelling to Kuching soon :)

1. Kuching waterfront 河滨公园

*A. Tower Square 古塔广场

*B. Square tower 河滨公园的四方堡

*C. Fountain 喷泉

*D. Jetty waterfront 河滨公园碼頭
Waterfront only 1 jetty and opposite have 5 jetty

*E. Chinese museum 古晋华人历史博物馆

2. Go opposite by Sampan with only RM0.5-RM2

*F. Fort Margherita 玛格烈达古堡
(cannons, Skull, jail 大炮,骷髅,监狱)

*G. New Sarawak state legislative Assembly Building 砂拉越州议会大厦

*H. Astana阿斯塔纳皇宫

3. Tua Pek Kong 大伯公庙

4. Star Cineplex 戏院 - opposite side - night view kch

5. Open Air Market 露天巴杀 (local foods)
Beside Electra House Shopping Complex (yellow building) 

6. Indian Street - traditional shopping central

7. Old Court House, now become Sarawak Tourism

8. Jalan Carpenter亚答街Main Bazaar海唇街和主市集 (local foods)

9. Post office Kuching

10. Plaza Merdeka  (new shopping central)
 in front : Padang Mederka 獨立廣場 

beside : Balai polis 

11. Sarawak Museum *near Padang Mederka
(Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm, Sat, Sun, PB 9am-4pm **no entry fee)

12. Topspot Mata Kuching猫眼岭海鲜 (Seafood zhu cha)
(11AM-2PM and 6PM-10PM)
Address: Taman Kereta, Jalan Bukit Mata Office, Jalan Padungan.

Map reference for No. 1 to 12 

13.  Padungan Kuching (pub / Bistro / restaurant)
*jazz lovers
Last part

Medium park

Front part

14.  Petanak Central Market (local foods @ 2nd level -until midnight, wet market 1st level)
Address: Jalan Sungai Padungan

15.  Travillion Pub Centre Kuching (clubbing)
Address: Travillion Mall (Padungan)
*Paragon x3
*Emperor etc ……
16.  Lok-Lok (lok-lok, nasi lemak, liang tea -until around 4am)
Address: Ban Hock Road

Map reference for No. 13 to 16 

17.  Premier 101 Food Centre (local foods -until midnight)
Address : Jalan Tun Jugah

Map reference for No. 17 and Kuching International Airport

18. Cat Museum (can visit when on the way to Santubong)
(9am-5pm, mon closed, camera or phone RM3)
Address :Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (Kuching North City Hall), 
               Jalan Semariang, Petra Jaya

Map reference for No. 18 refer on A point

  19. Mountain Santubong

Map reference for No. 19 refer on B point

20. Sarawak Cultural Village 文化村
(9am-5:15pm Ticket: RM60)

21. Escobar (near santubong & damai)
Pantai Damai Santubong (Bar & Grill)

22. Damai & Camp Permai

Map reference for No. 20 refer on C point
No. 21 refer on D point
No. 22 refer on E point


There still have a lot place that never list down at this page.
For more information, refer to :

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